Master Sammy Cheng

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200 Silver Star Blvd. Unit # 339 Scarborough, Ontario CANADA (Finch & Midland)


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horoscope  DID YOU KNOW...that 80% of your fate can be seen with just knowing your birth date?!

You and your guests can find out:
◘   Your element sign (Fire, Water, Soil, Metal, Wood)!
◘   Your Chinese zodiac sign (Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Pig, etc.)!
◘   Your lucky colours and colours that are against you!
     ( A
sk questions like: What colour should you're car be?)
◘   Your lucky numbers!
◘   Your lucky shapes! (Round, Square, Triangle, etc. )
◘   What occupation suits you!

    The knowledge you will find out may help you succeed even in the future!








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